Pageant And Poems

Pageant And Poems

Poetry At Event

Andy Croft, who has written poems for 'Poetry Pie' for Children's BBC and is experienced in working in community settings, was appointed for the poetry residency.

A collection of poems and an historical pageant were just two of the outcomes from Andy Croft's residency at Combe Down. Andy worked closely with Combe Down Primary and Ralph Allen secondary school over a six month period. The publication 'Time in the Shape of a Mine: Poems from Combe Down' brings together eighteen poems by children, six poems by Combe Down residents, four by miners, and two by Andy, including the epic poem 'The Work of Giants'.

Some of the children's poems were performed at a Poetry Picnic held at Combe Down Primary School in June 2009. Reflecting on 'Time in the Shape of a Mine: Poems from Combe Down' Andy Croft comments:

"Some of these poems are serious, some are funny, some are beautiful and some are sad. But every one of them succeeds in making the past come to life and speak to us. They show us people whose lives seem both strange and strangely familiar, close enough to touch and yet always out of reach."

'Combe Down: The Hole Story, a historical pageant' written by Andy and performed by Combe Down primary and secondary pupils with one professional actor, tells the story of the village from the Romans through to the 21st century. Both publications are available for sale (see Further Information section for details).