Time in the Shape of a Mine: Poems from Combe Down, 2009, Andy Croft - ISBN 978-0-95638290-0-0

Combe Down: The Holy Story - an historical pageant, 2009, Andy Croft - ISBN 978-0-95638290-1-7

A History of the Byfield Mine, Combe Down, Richard T.A. Irving - ISBN 0 9550655-0-X

I remember Tucking Mill - a memoir of his early life, Stanley Wicks - ISBN 0 9550655-2-6

The Roman Villa at Combe Down, Malcolm Aylett - ISBN 0 9550655-1-8

Remembering Village Shops, Richard Read - ISBN 978-0-9550655-3-8

'Finished Labour of a Thousand Hands': The Archaeology of the Combe Down Stone Mines, Bath, Somerset by Lynn Willies, Neville Redvers-Higgins and Ianto Wain - ISBN 978-0-904220-60-5

The Stabilisation of Combe Down Stone Mines: the saving of a village. Published by the Combe Down Stone Mines Project. (available from the Corner Stone - ISBN 978-0-9563829-3-4

The Stabilisation of Combe Down Stone Mines: Best Practice Book Download the PDF

These publications are available from the Combe Down Heritage Society.