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The Combe Down Stone Mines Project was a major project by Bath & North East Somerset Council to stabilise abandoned limestone mine workings in Combe Down and preserve the Health & Safety of the area. The aim of the Project was to remove the current threat to life and property of those living, working in and travelling through the Combe Down area.

In doing this, the Project ensured that the internationally recognised heritage, wildlife and environmental properties of the area are conserved for future generations.

Useful Information

Completion Statements

When all the stabilisation works required beneath a property were completed and verified, the owner received a 'Statement of Completion'. This certifies that the mines beneath their property have been stabilised. This document is most significant and should be retained in a safe place.

If you need a copy of the Completion Statement please contact the Team on the details below.


You can download the following factsheet

  • A letter was sent to residents in December 2010 which included details of a circular issued to ABI members, which recommended normal underwriting conditions are applied to properties in Combe Down. You can download the following letter and circular here.